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Re: [Phys-l] optical center : real-life physics

"sounds good" to me

Of course it is a "point" (requires beam of no diameter), otherwise no movement (because it's symmetrical) , but it will cause initial convergence (+ lens).


alex brown wrote:

So you're treating the lens as something that transform the light (It has a tranformation matrix) and you have found the point on the lens where the beam does not get transformed... Or atleast the transformation is that of space. I think I understand that...
So you then say that there should be something equivalent in an optical system this is because you can treat it as a black box with a single transformation matrix. This single matrix is determined by the transformation matrices of its component parts. There will be a point on the input lens which will be equivelent to when there is no optical system present at all... Thinking in terms of matrices.... like a unit matrix with one along its matrix...
Is this the correct way to thjink of it?...
Thanks for the interesting post

John Denker <> wrote:
On 06/11/2007 05:24 PM, alex brown wrote:

What principles did you use to find the optical centre of the lens