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Re: [Phys-l] Minigenerator nuclear rate meter


This refers to the chemical part of the minigenerator system, which we also have, including their instructions. It is the meter itself that I am trying to rejuvenate. I presume that this once had its own set of instructions, but those are now gone.

Charles Crook

"Obtaining isotopes with short half-lives can be readily done with the
proper equipment.
Union Carbide MINIGENERATOR systems can be used to separate
pure samples of radioisotope daughter from mother products.
For instance, the Cesium 137 unit can be used to "milk" Barium 137m
from a "cow." Tin 113 can be used to derive Indium 113m.T
hese radioisotope generators use a chemical combination of
HCL and NaCl (called the eluant) to separate the daughter
products from the mother material."

I took this from an....
Addendum to
Hands-On Physics Activities with Real-Life Applications
by James Cunningham & Norman Herr
The Center for Applied Research in Education
by Carl J. Wenning, Coordinator
Physics Teacher Education Program
Illinois State University

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