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Re: [Phys-l] AP on GPA (the other AP)

J Denkerwrites:

On 12/02/2006 11:32 AM, Josh Gates-fac wrote:

.... everyone was reported to be (I believe...) no
lower than the top 10%;

I was wondering how this "reporting" works in practice.

Suppose there are 400 students in the senior class.
How is the 400th student reported?
a) #40 out of 400 (i.e. falsifying the numerator), or
b) #400 out of 4000 (i.e. falsifying the denominator)?

Whom is this supposed to fool?
-- Students?
-- Parents?
-- College admissions committees?

the theory was that everyone would have been in
the top 10% at their home high schools.

Ah, that sounds like option (b).

So for consistency, does that mean that for each such magnet
school where everybody is reported in the top 10%, there are
9 diamagnet schools where nobody is reported in the top 10%,
no matter how well they do? That would at least produce
internally-consistent rankings across the full 4000-student

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