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Re: [Phys-l] NCLB petition

Which brings up governance -- originally many colleges were governed by the instructors and to some extent still are. What would happen if this were the case pre-college?

Just before I began teaching at Napa JC the disgusted faculty managed to elite one of their own to the board. I heard this made a big difference. Another example is the just retiring from the legislature J. Goldberg to return to teaching. She made a big difference in CA, but unfortunately not enuf. She was one of the leaders of the Free Speech movement at UCB.


Rauber, Joel wrote:

Comment at bottom
| | Teaching such is not precluded--it is the JOB of the | teachers to work | | on such along with the basics. The very fact that such cannot be | | evaluated IS part of why it is not strictly part of the uniform | | assessment, but again, this IS part of the teacher's | responsibility to | | their students.
| |

| | And:
| | "Yes, but even more importantly it is the responsibility of | the school administration to pass the message to the teachers | that such teaching, beyond the test, is valued and will be | rewarded. If such is not the case than the teachers would | simply be doing what they are being hired to do; i.e. teach | to the test."
| | | | You kidding? You think they'll risk their careers by doing this?
Actually, I'm not kidding, but your comment is naturally quite apropos.
There-in lies much of the problem. Mostly I wanted to reply to Rick's
"teacher's responsibility" statement. Teachers are going to respond to
what their bosses are asking them to do. So I lay a lot (perhaps more)
of the responsibility at their feet.
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