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Re: [Phys-l] Global Warming

Jim Green writes:

Where might I find a URL for global temperature for the past few
b/milliion years?

The last time we were on this topic someone posted such a graph which
showed us at the peak of a waring cycle and about too go into the
next glaciation.

But recently on TV i think that I saw such a graph which had a
current enormous spike. URL?

There is no current "enormous spike" in in any graph of temperature versus time. On the other hand, there IS a current spectacular (and apparently unprecedented) spike in atmospheric CO2 content. Ice core data (covering the last half million years) shows a strong historic correlation between atmospheric CO2 content and temperature. That correlation is currently VERY seriously broken, which raises a number of fairly important questions.

See <>

John Mallinckrodt

Professor of Physics, Cal Poly Pomona


Lead Guitarist, Out-Laws of Physics