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Re: [Phys-l] Dynamic equilibrium in mechanics Iwhat's the question?)

It's important to ask answerable questions. You Savinainen is asking what a group of unnamed authors may mean by an expression that is purportedly used in a number oif unspecified writings. That question cannot be answered, if only, for one reason, they may not all mean the same thing.

I suggest you reask your questtion in the context of a specific author in a specific writing.

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, Savinainen Antti wrote:


I have occasionally seen the term "dynamic equilibrium" describing situations in which the object is moving at constant velocity and the net force on the object remains zero. Furthermore, when object is at rest the equilibrium is called "static". I'm not sure, however, that there is much physical insight in this distinction since both cases include zero acceleration. Zero velocity and constant velocity have equal footing: both cases (zero net force, zero acceleration) imply an inertial frame of reference.

Any opinions whether the distinction (static vs. dynamic equilibrium) is useful in teaching mechanics? (The idea of dynamic equilibrium is, of course, useful in thermal physics and chemistry.)



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