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Re: [Phys-l] tiny bubbles

On 09/17/2006 05:25 PM, Bernard Cleyet wrote:
Is a super fluid, at non zero T, a mixture of super and normal, or is
this just a convenient model?

I suspect this is about terminology, not so much about models.

If you have a bottle of superfluid, the stuff in the bottle is "the"
superfluid. The superfluid has a superfluid fraction (sff) and a
normal-fluid fraction (nff). The superfluid fraction is not "the"
superfluid, but only a fraction thereof.

The stuff in the bottle is what it is, and does what it does. The
model is a perfectly fine model, as models go ... but of course the
model does not tell the whole story.

would the "zero point" motion still make
homogeneous fluid impossible?


Crystals have zero-point motion, too.