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Re: [Phys-l] gasoline

That explains much xcept the reduction -- at five years rebuild needed?

bc, who now compares Sian w/ Sheron

Sheron Snyder wrote:

Yes our driving is at 55 mph. We do this intentionally.
The 62 mpg was on a several of occasions.

We used to get mid 50's and now is the upper 40s which is about a 10% decrease. We've been driving the Prius for 5 years now.

Why was it assumed that a he drove the car? Just curious about the assumption.....


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but ....?

I don't believe Sheron -- unless all his driving is highway below 65 mph

Our average is 42 and that's w/ ~ 1/2 freeway. Once I drove very
carefully 40 miles all but about 5 miles highway one and got 59 (</= 65).

bc, w/ over inflated tyres too!

Rick Tarara wrote:

The gasohol at 10% should not be responsible for the large mileage drop.
While the ethanol does have a lower energy content (70-80% of gasoline as I
remember), it is only 10% of the mixture. The actual drop in energy content
is only about 2% and that drop is compensated by the lower