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Re: [Phys-l] trimester course set-up

I note that a big goal of trimesters is to provide more electives for
students. It is not obvious to me why this is desired. Additionally,
it is obvious to me that we physics teachers have something to be
concerned about.

In our schools case it isn't about adding more electives, it's about
keeping them. With an increase in state required courses in Michigan,
there is little to no room for electives, especially for kids in band.
Therefore, although we offer many electives now in science and other
disciplines, these would not be available under a semester format.
Business, drawing, computer, and art classes are just a few that would
suffer negatively. Switching to trimesters will allow for these courses
to still be taken by students adn allow for state requirements to be

Mike Van Antwerp
Biology W202