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1) On Jul 22, 2006, at 1:37 PM, John Denker wrote (at the end of a message):

*** Instead of heat, quantify energy and entropy. ***

The term "excess heat" is often used by CMNS researchers. But I know that for most of them it is nothing more than a convenient synonym for the "unexplained thermal energy."

CMNS (condensed matter nuclear science), by the way, is the new name of a broad field. The main subfields are: CF (cold fusion, rare D+D nuclear fusion events), CT (cold transmutations, rare nuclear events of other kind) and EE (excess energy, whose origin remains to be identified).

2) By the way, unit #304 has just been added at:

3) There are about 3000 CMNS papers in the library at:

Many papers can be downloaded in the pdf format. First click on the "Library" link, then scroll down to a paper you want. The shortcut is to click on the letter, such as I (while looking for Iwamura), and then on the paper you want. I strongly recommend CT papers written by Iwamura et al.. Instead of going to the library you might like to click on the "tutorial;" it was written By E. Storms, a retired scientist from Los Alamos National Laboratory. Some papers in the library are good and some are not good. Some authors are recognized scientists and some are not.

4) What do you think about contents of recent units at my website? I would be happy to share your comments with ~200 CMNS researchers (subscribers to a restricted Internet list). The CMNS field continues to be discriminated by our establishment (editors of mainstream journals, DOE, NSF, etc.). What should be done to end the unjustified discrimination? Why should today researchers pay for errors made 17.5 years ago? Why are they deprived benefits of the peer review process?

Ludwik Kowalski
Let the perfect not be the enemy of the good.