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[Phys-L] Re: Mac users may not be more intelligent,

At the risk of having my writing critiqued for style and vocabulary, I will state that my choice for a home computer was fully determined by my desire to be compatible with the IBM type PC my employer (Westinghouse and later Northrop Grumman) issued me at work. This was a common decision path among my fellow workers. Had the work issued computer been a Mac, undoubtedly, I would have bought one of that type. So my degree of literacy seems to have not affected the decision-making process.

Don Polvani
Northrop Grumman Corp (where they use IBM type PC's and still appear to be literate)
Part Time - Anne Arundel Community College (where they also use IBM type PC's and also appear to be literate)

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but they certainly are more literate... according to the below:

obviously a biassed source.

bc, who has no comment
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