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[Phys-L] Modeling Workshop in Charlotte, No.Carolina (July 5-22)

Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005
From: Patten Priestley <ppriestley@CHARLOTTELATIN.ORG>
Subject: Modeling Workshop in Charlotte, No.Carolina (July 5-22)

PLEASE post this anywhere and everywhere.

Charlotte Latin School
9502 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC
July 5 - 22, 2005

The Modeling Method of instruction has had great success in improving
students' understanding of fundamental principles in introductory physics.
Students gather real-time data and identify patterns to form a coherent
conceptual account of the phenomenon known as a model. The successful
implementation of this method also cultivates students' abilities to think
critically and to recognize the value of scientific inquiry. The Modeling
Method, which reflects current research on learning theory, has a proven
track record of improving student learning when used by an instructor who
has been adequately trained in the pedagogy.

Eligible Participants: Physics and physical science teachers from public,
private, and independent schools NATIONWIDE. Space is limited.

Participants Receive: Daily practice implementing inquiry methods such as
data gathering, data analysis, and Socratic dialogue. Curriculum materials
for a traditional two semester physics course, which can be adapted for any

CEUs: 8 Continuing Education Units will be provided.

Optional Graduate School Credit: 4-credit hour graduate course towards a
Master's degree may be available at extra cost through Appalachian State

Faculty: Primary instructors are two experienced high school teachers who
currently use the Modeling Method in their classroom and have instructed
Modeling Workshops since 2002.

Schedule: 9am - 4pm weekdays

Cost: $800. Funding has been applied for. If the funding is received it
will greatly offset the cost per participant. $250 deposit required with
application, but will be refunded if funding comes through.

Required Materials: Teaching Introductory Physics, by Arnold Arons

Meals: Lunch is available at $35/week extra.
Housing: Housing can be arranged by participants through area universities
for as low as $20/night.
Transportation: Participants must provide own transportation.

Contact Ms. Patten Priestley (704) 815-2421
or download from website
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