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[Phys-L] Re: FL stamps out dictator professors

A House staff analysis of the proposed Florida HB 837 (Student and
Faculty Academic Freedom in Postsecondary) is available at:

There's no mention in the bill on student *and faculty* academic freedom
in postsecondary schools on concerns about shootings by religious
zealots. The procedures for handling alleged grievances are left to the
academic institutions. The analysis does point out that there may be
conflicts between past collective bargaining agreements made by faculty
and parts of the proposed bill. New collective bargaining agreements
could not violate any sections of an approved rights bill.

Here's the vote on the bill from the FL House Choice and Innovation

Stargel, John (R) Chair Baptist Y
Galvano, Bill (R) Vice Chair Roman Catholic Y
Attkisson, Frank (R) Christian Y
Gelber, Dan (D) Jewish N
Goldstein, Susan (R) Roman Catholic Y
Hukill, Dorothy (R) Protestant Y
Legg, John (R) Protestant Y
Sobel, Eleanor (D) Jewish N

Looks like a straight party-line vote to me, unless some
aluminum-foil-wearing conspiratorist wants to claim a secret
RC/Protestant/Baptist [Note 1] plot against the Jews. No indication in
their bios whether the Florida representatives consider themselves
religious fanatics or zealots.

The bill on student and faculty academic rights now goes to the
Committee on Colleges and Universities:

Mealor, David (R) Chair Episcopal
Cretul, Larry (R) Vice Chair Baptist
Ambler, Kevin (R) [No indication]
Brandenburg, Mary (D) Roman Catholic
Flores, Anitere (R) Roman Catholic
Gibson, Audrey (D) Roman Catholic
Homan, Ed (R) Methodist
Peterman, Frank (D) Baptist
Rice, Everett (R) Methodist

Maybe someone will suggest a fanatical conspiracy among Florida voters
to not elect more Democrats to the state legislature.

Note 1. Many in the Baptist Church do not consider themselves
Protestant because the Baptist Church did not originate with Luther or

Rick Strickert
Austin, TX
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