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[Phys-L] Re: Zeno's Paradoxes

One rather recreational side trip on the silliness of infinities (and
infinitesimals) is the Banach-Tarski 'paradox'. Axiom of choice etc.

plenty of google hits out there.

There's a pretty large body of literature on Zeno's Paradoxes, and not
all philosophers would agree that they have been solved. Do a google
search or a library search to learn more. One interpretation of the
paradoxes is that they challenge us to think about whether space and
time are continuous or discontinuous. The answer, according to modern
physics, seems to be something more subtle than either. Some
philosophers might go so far as to claim that Zeno's paradoxes told us
this all along, though I wouldn't put it that way myself.

Dan S.
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