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[Phys-L] Re: Why 60 hertz?

Actually there were successful transmissions of voice over wire before Bell.
However Bell like Edison was very successful in putting together a system
and convincing investors to put money into his "invention". I would say
that Bell was the first to successfully market the telephone. He also
managed to get certain patent rights before others. Tony Rothman in his
very well researched book "Everything's Relative" has lots of evidence for
the fact that the telephone was actually the culmination of the work of a
fairly large number of people, with Bell getting the credit in the US.

John M. Clement
Houston, TX

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Bell did not invent
the telephone.

There is a mountain of evidence proving that Bell did, indeed, invent the
telephone. Granted, other people were working on similar (and
unsuccessful)ideas, but Bell was the first to successfully invent the
telephone. Bell faced many lawsuits from other so-called 'inventors' of
the telephone, yet they were never able to explain the theory and the
process of invention, as Bell was able to do.

Alison Innes
Education Coordinator
Bell Homestead National Historic Site
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