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[Phys-L] Re: Physics (chem.) Humor


I got Jim back!

My whole point was (and I may be corrected here) if it takes something
very small to penetrate an object e.g. a fast electron and it doesn't do
that very well, how can one say matter is mostly mte, i.e. not matter?
Furthermore, if one assumes atms' nuclei are surrounded by a negative
field of relatively great extent that resists penetration (very PIC),
how is it different from matter. Is not matter not mostly mte, and that
(former) belief is a science myth?


bc, thinks maybe the subject of this thread has again become appropriate.

p.s. Jim, do you mean "... fight WITH "'force fields'"? I suppose
pistols are force field projectors.

p.p.s. Old text books I think reified E fields likening them to strings.

Jim Green wrote:

Is space empty when it contains fields. How is matter different from
its fields?

Oh my! Now we are about to reify fields. Well why not? We tend to reify
many concepts.

I take it that this sort of reification began -- or at least was
promulgated -- by the likes of StarWars. where they fight of "force fields"

Folks, fields don't "fill" anything -- nothing "contains" a field.

"Fields" are a mathematical invention which allegedly facilitate some

Let us stop talking as Bill Nye the Science Guy!


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