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[Phys-L] Re: FL stamps out dictator professors

There is nothing in the proposed bill that would restrict a professor
from instructing the class in the details of the course's subject matter
and from testing the students' knowledge of what had been taught through
homework, papers, and tests.

What the professor can't teach or grade students on is what the
student's religious or political beliefs are. That would be like Niels
Bohr flunking Albert Einstein in a QM course because Einstein believed
that God does not play dice. Of course, if he proceeded to yell his
belief during class to keep Prof. Bohr from teaching his Copenhagen
interpretation, then Albert could be disciplined for being disruptive.

BTW, one controversial section of the bill recognizes "students have
rights... to a viewpoint-neutral distribution of student fee funds." It
would be hard to think of any kind of student activity to which student
fee funds could be distributed in a "viewpoint neutral" manner. Even a
completely random distribution has its viewpoint, as Einstein might say.

Rick Strickert
Austin, TX
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