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[Phys-L] Re: sliding orange?

Sadly one of the baad physics in-jokes has been deprecated by the standards

What do you call a ( you make a crawling motion like a spider with your
Answer: cm
What do you call a ( you now put your hand upside down and make a quivering
Answer: an erg
Remember an erg is a dyne-cm.

Perhaps Herb is not 'up' on recent Quentin Tarantino films and the
exploits of John Travolta (about ten years ago IIRC)

NOT to be confused with any Clock Work Oranges.

Perhaps, it would make more sense if we re-wrote the sliding orange

What did the physics professor get when he sliced an orange in half
and slid it down an inclined

Ans... pulp friction

Glenn Malin <GMalin@IUSD.ORG> wrote:
> And for something completely different:
> What do you call an orange sliding down and inclined plane?
> Pulp Friction

Herb Gottlieb responds:
I'm STILL really not sure if I get or not it
but maybe the incline was too plane or too steep for me.

Now I'm "inclined" try one...

What do you call an apple thrown out of a car window?
An apple dumpling?
A windowed apple?
An apple that nobody cars about?
A declined apple?
A dis car dead apple?

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