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[Phys-L] Re: Physics (chem.) Humor

A physics professor was riding in the back of a pickup truck with a
group of his students. He decided to take the opportunity to give his
students a physics lesson. He shouted above the roar of the truck:
"Watch this, class! I am going to demonstrate the independence of
vertical and horizontal velocities in projectile motion! Even though we
are moving at sixty miles per hour, I will jump straight up out of this
truck bed without fear! My horizontal velocity will match that of the
truck, and I will land safely back at precisely the same point from
which I leapt!" With that, he launched himself vertically with all his
strength, flew out the back of the truck, landed in the center of the
lane and rolled for forty yards down the highway. His horrified
students stopped the vehicle and ran to where he lay gasping by the
roadside. "Class!" he said, struggling to his feet. "From now on, we
are not going to neglect the effects of air resistance!"

John Clement wrote:

A few
years back there was a hit movie...Pulp Fiction.

The phrase pulp fiction goes back to the days of the dime novels, but
admittedly most people would not be aware of that allusion. So the movie
reference might work better for the younger generation.

Then of course there is the biology joke.

Why did the tomato date the mushroom.

Answer: he was a fungi.

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