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[Phys-L] Re: Looking for electricity demo apparatus

On 03/17/05 13:54, Karl Trappe wrote:

what happens to the
x-rays produced in x-ray tubes or x-ray apparatus when they leave the
tube and enter air.

I have nothing to add to what Michael E. answered.
Scattering electrons in air is compleeetely different
physics from scattering Xrays in air.

..on what electricity demos do you use the
hand held tesla?

I dunno about demos, but here's a real-live in-the-trenches
physics research application: We were making monotomic
hydrogen. This was a real pain in the neck; first
you separate the H2 into H+H by making a plasma at
several thousand degrees, and then you rapidly cool it
to a few millikelvin. Anyway, looking at only the
plasma part, the energy came from a surplus S-band
microwave diathermy unit. The plasma would absorb
microwaves, but H2 gas out of the bottle wouldn't, so
we had to jump-start the process using a spark coil.
I bolted the spark-coil into the apparatus at the
appropriate place and wired it to a nice red pushbutton.
It did the job.
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