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[Phys-L] Re: Looking for electricity demo apparatus

Likely the wire connecting the top of the secondary to the electrode
(tip) is probably "broke" (open). When this happens, the gap becomes
greater as the wire melts from the discharge. It's a poor design. I
replace it w/ a heavier (thicker) one. The difficult part is
unscrewing the socket at the end for the electrode (pointy metal tip).
Less likely is the gap's electrodes have worn to the extent that they
can't be adjusted closely for more efficient operation. This you can
determine. I don't remember if one must again remove the the sockette
before unscrewing the barrel to readjust. I've made both types of
repair. I'll send, off list, my address if you want me to try. Since
tele' is not ex directory, 831 771 611. [warning, anonymous TAD out
going msg..]


Herbert H Gottlieb wrote:

I have a Tesla coil, enclosed in plastic with a pointed metal tip.
The kind that the science supply companies are selling for about $300.

It vibrates but the spark is no longer than a millimeter. Can it be
Thanks for any advice.
Herb Gottlieb from New YOrk City

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 20:47:07 -0800 Bernard Cleyet <anngeorg@PACBELL.NET>

They are either spark coils or Tesla Coils. they are often easily
repaired (I've repaired for others and myself.) Check the Chem.
dept. or other vacuum people They are (gross) leak detectors.

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