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[Phys-L] Looking for electricity demo apparatus

Hello all:

Here at Tech we had two 14" handheld "sparkers" (dated 1963) that we used for electricity demos. They were brown, with a 3" metal tip and a variable button resistor to adjust the size of the sparks. They produced a spark that lit a fluorescent lamp. The current was low enough that we used it to "shock" ourselves painlessly (kind of; it left tiny red marks that dissapear in 24 hours).

The "sparkers" are dead now. They sound as if they are working but no sparks are produced. We need to replace them ASAP.

1. What is the correct name for this apparatus?
2. Where could I find a replacement?

I have search the Internet, but without the proper name I have been unable to find a replacement.

Thanks in advance,

Wilson J. Gonzalez-Espada, Ph.D.
Asst Professor of Physical Science/Science Education
School of Physical and Life Sciences
Arkansas Tech University
1701 N. Boulder Ave. (McEver Hall)
Russellville, AR 72801
(479) 968-0293
(479) 964-0837 fax

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