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[Phys-L] Re: conservation of angular momentum question

In the context of

That is, the two cylinders will pick up
some nontrivial center-of-mass velocity.

On 03/14/05 22:22, Hugh Haskell wrote:

I agree with everything here, right down to the last sentence and
there we part company, unless...

The idea I had in mind, and didn't express sufficiently
clearly, is that each cylinder _separately_ as its own
center of its own mass. It is conventional in some sects
to describe the motion of the cylinder using this idea, i.e.
to write an equation for the motion of the given cylinder's
CoM, which is in effect a simple pointlike particle, plus
another equation for the motion relative thereto. This
creates, among other things, a partition of the given
cylinder's angular momentum in to an "orbital" piece and
a "spin" piece.

My remark quoted above was meant to apply to each
cylinder separately, not the pair of cylinders jointly.
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