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[Phys-L] Re: Anti-Americanism creeps in to science teaching debate

I hope I am not joining thsi thread ata point where I have
msiunderstood what has been sent, but I feel compelled as what some
would chracterize as a "sick...fundamentalist" to what was stated

He is railing against
one aspect of American society--the Fundamentalist, anti-science,
etc.etc. . . . And that *is* one aspect of American society. I see
his statement as simply an accurate reflection of an aspect of
America that he doesn't want introduced into England. I agree with
him 100%. I'm not anti-American, but I am seriously concerned that
one seriously flawed aspect of America is gaining an ascendancy that
I think is dangerous, and I don't like the idea that is seems to be
being exported.

What I am concerned about is the assumption that since that sick side
of our society seems to be in the ascendance, others will assume that
any American will hold similar views."

Pwrhaps I did not understand exactly what was being characterized as "that sick side of our society". There is a sickness, I believe, in our society today, but it is not those who many would classify pejoratively as "fundamentalism". Dishonesty is rampant, etical behavior declining, learning disappearing, racism in the form of ethnicity growing, degenerate behavior becoming the norm, families and children under attack by those who would justify any form of public lifestyle, an inctreasingly sociological supreme court, etc. (you fill in the rest). These things are not usually being promulgated by "fundamentalists". I am less afraid of anti-americanism abroad (which as many have stated is directed more towards government than citizens)than I am anti-americanism at home. I do not intend to start a non-relevant thread on this list, but assumptions being made need to be questioned.
James Mackey
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