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[Phys-L] Re: Anti-Americanism creeps in to science teaching debate

Certainly not on topic for this list, but I'll add a bit.
Last Christmas I was in Paris for 10 days. I found the French generally
happy with Americans like me and my family...some of us speak some
French, but must unhappy with W. They did make that distinction often.,



Leigh Palmer wrote:

On 10-Mar-05, at 1:00 AM, Bernard Cleyet cited this tidbit:

"Taverne shot back: "Since the Government is in favor of allowing
between sense and nonsense, will it also allow children to be taught
the earth is flat and that the sun goes around the earth? Since there
is a
crisis in math teaching in schools, and some university chemistry
departments are closing down, will the Government also offer as an
alternative the teaching of astrology and alchemy?"

"It is extraordinary," Taverne went on, "that a Government and a Prime
Minister who say they are in favor of science have allowed the
into our schools of the worst features of American fundamentalist,
anti-science, pseudoscience nonsense."

Anti-Americanism, clearly revealed this insensitive bit of unabashed
prejudice, is rampant in the world today. I wish to point out that one
does not have to go to the insular attitudes of the Brits to find it.
Anti-Americanism is also PC here in Canada, and it is not envy in
another guise; it is pure bigotry. Narrow minded folks are the norm
everywhere, I'm afraid.

It is much easier for foreigners to characterize all Americans by the
apparent (and misleading) characteristics of American leaders,
particularly Bush. He comes across here as an uneducated, inarticulate,
born again redneck*. Stereotyping is seductive; it gives the brain a


* I know that these external manifestations are not an accurate measure
of the man. While I am not happy with Bush, I blame the Dumbocrats for
him. If they could come up with no better candidates than Gore and
Kerry (who were both clearly inferior choices to Bush in my view) then
there is no one else to blame.

Joseph J. Bellina, Jr. Ph.D.
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