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[Phys-L] Re: plasma TV

At 13:27 -0500 3/3/05, David Willey wrote:

Maybe for the same reason the "polaroid camera" was named the way it
was, it sounds high tech. (AFAIK polaroid cameras don't use polarization.)
At 13:27 -0500 3/3/05, David Willey wrote:

But the Polaroid Land camera was named for its inventor (Ed Land) and
the company he founded (the Polaroid Corp.) to make polarizing sheets
for industrial applications. The company made him enough money that
he could spend some of it developing the camera, which was then
manufactured and marketed by the Polaroid Corp, using the company
name. So once you know the history, the name makes sense, even if no
polarizing materials were used in the camera.


Hugh Haskell

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Never ask someone what computer they use. If they use a Mac, they
will tell you. If not, why embarrass them?
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