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Pirelli Relativity Challenge

It has been almost a century since the Special Relativity Theory was first published by Albert Einstein in 1905. Yet despite its age the theory remains the intellectual domain of the trained physicist.

Although its low popularity among laypersons and non-scientists is no doubt due to its inherent complexity, we suspect that a failure in communication may be partly responsible.

Thus, the Pirelli Internetional Award launches the "Pirelli Relativity Challenge." An award for the best multimedia work that explains special relativity theory to the layperson. The challenge is to explain Einstein's special relativity theory by means of a 5-minute multimedia presentation. Pirelli will award 25,000 Euros (about U.S. $30,000) for the best submission. All details are available on the website at

The philosphy of the Award is that the effective communication of science is as important as the underlying science itself. This challenge seeks to promote this philosophy by simplifying and demystifying one of science's most complex theories.