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Re: Stone skipping. Was: Re: bending of object thrown into pool

At 09:33 PM 8/16/2004, Hugh, you wrote:
Several years ago, I saw a television documentary about the British
Bomber Squadron using bomb skipping in order to destroy German dams
during WW2. //The idea was actually used in 1943. It was very dangerous for
the bomber crew, because the plane had to fly at an altitude of about 60
feet -- less in some cases. There were many casualties.

The details are on the web at


Hugh Logan
Retired physics teacher

By the time I arrived at Scampton (in Lincolnshire) 15 years later,
617 squadron, "The Dambusters", were equipped with the Vulcan
bomber, a delta planform - and a pretty plane like others of the
Avro provenance. The bombs available then were the Blue Steel
type; a nuclear weapon - and crews were on fast ready status
as needed. A descendent of the Lancaster bomber, the Shackleton,
was still used for coastal reconnaissance work at the time.

The Vulcan had the unexpected quality of being very hard to spot
on the airfield radar, as close as 20 miles out - a gratuitous stealth
design, in fact.

I understood that the dambuster bomb had reverse spin in order
to promote skipping - I seem to recall seeing prototype trials
footage showing the forward spun bomb tended to dive.

Brian Whatcott Altus OK Eureka!