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Re: navigation riddle

On 8/12/04 8:32 AM, "Craig Lucanus" <lucanus@IINET.NET.AU> wrote:

Whoops, I meant 'inclination' and not 'declination'.

How do you get back to point A from any of Herb's infinite number of points
by travelling anything other than eastward or westward for a mile? And would
Bruce describe one of his points that fitsthe requirement?

If you started a mile from the south pole and walked a mile south, there
would be no such thing as east when you arrived.

Yours sincerely
Craig Lucanus


I didn't say a circle of radius 1 mile; I said a latitude circle of
CIRCUMFERENCE of 1/n miles (n=non-zero positive integer). You also start 1
mile NORTH of that circle. I guess I didn't state that the Latitude circle
should be in the southern hemisphere.

Going South 1 mile gets you to that circle. Going 1 mile East gets you
around the circle n times; you are at your starting point on the circle.
Going 1 mile North retraces the route you took going South.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz