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Re: are normal reaction and tension conservative ?

At 14:13 6/30/01 +0530, Chetan <chetanreddy@ETH.NET> wrote:

Are normal reaction and tension conservative ?

I think it depends on what forces are causing the normal reaction and
tension(like when two masses are hanging on the opposite sides of a pulley
then the tension in th rope is due to gravity which is a conservative force
and so the tension is conservative).

Is this right?

I am a 7teen year old student from India. I thought reading your lists would
help me clarify my doubts.


Chetan, I don't recall hearing of a law of conservation of force.
Great force can exist with no expenditure of energy in work.
I have often seen conservation of energy cited as a unifying principle
along with conservation of mass, and conservation of charge.

How has the idea of conservation of force arisen for you?

brian whatcott <> Altus OK