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Assorted Antique Meters to Give Away

Greetings Colleagues:

A fellow physics faculty member and I have embarked on the task of cleaning
out the unused stuff in the department that has accumulated over the years.
Among the junk are a variety of old meters and bridges etc of the really
well built type often with hardwood cases that it is a shame to dispose of
if someone knows of a collector or museum that could use them. If you are
interested in any of the items listed below or know of someone to forward
this email to please get in touch.

Here's a partial list of what we have to dispose of::

Weston Meters:
DC voltmeters wirh 15v & 150 volt scales (have 6 or more)
DC voltmeter 3, 15, 50 v scales
Wattmeter 750 watts (July 8, 1930)
Insulation Tester model 799
DC Ammeters 0.05, 0.5, 5 A scales (have 2)

Sensitive Research Instrument Corp
DC milliammeter 2mA to 1000 mA scales
Dynamometer AC/DC voltmeter 15v to 150 volt scales (1960)

Westinghouse %VAC meter
Honeywell Portable Wheatstone bridge
GE Thermocouple Potentiometer 750 degrees Celsius
Welch Electron Diffraction tube (4 targets and homemade finicky electronics)

Ivan Rouse, Professor and Chair
Physics Department, La Sierra University
4700 Pierce St., Riverside, CA 92515
phone: 909-785-2137, FAX 909-785-2215