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Re: John Hutchison

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Larry Smith wrote:

Anybody heard of John Hutchison
<> and/or the
Hutchison effect, crystals casimer effect, etc.? I'm not familiar enough
with his work to explain to my friend who asked.

He's a fringe-science guy in Canada. See:

He claims to have produced all sorts of weird effects by running several
tesla coils at the same time: pieces of metal levitate, turn transparent,
writhe like snakes, liquify while still cold, etc. Apparently done in
front of witnesses occasionally, and captured on video. What's unusual
about him... (grin!) that he does NOT have any crackpot theory to
explain this. He's a fringe experimentalist, which is very rare in the
"Crackpot Underground." I heard that he lost his collected equipment
while he was away, when the Canadian equivalent of the EPA came in and
carted it all off to the dump because it was contaminated with PCBs from
leaking capacitor oil.

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