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req ref for intro dig sigs proc

...I am finishing up a manuscript and need a reference to a readable entry-
level digital signals processing text or perferably a website. Is there an
equivalent to the famous electronics bible "Horowitz and Hill" for this
that includes an entry level discussion of the Nyquist theorem and boxcar
filters? I learned these things from a book on (music) sythesizers published
in the UK; I'd like to find a nice intro somewheres on the web or a US
published text.

Maybe someone who teaches electronics or technology for future technicians
in a community college or at DeVry or a vocational school can help me?

Please email me privately at; I will post a summary of
responses back to the list in a few days.

Thanks in advance,

Dan M

Dan MacIsaac, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Northern AZ Univ PHYS-L list owner