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EM Conservation Laws are Fundamentally Flawed

The energy-momentum conservation laws in conventional EM theory state
that the momentum of an isolated system of (charged) particles plus
fields is
conserved. But the usual description of field momentum uses the Poynting
vector term
ExB/4pi to represent the momentum density of the electromagnetic field.
This term when integrated over all space, as has been pointed out by
Richard Feynman ("Lectures on Physics", Vol. 2, Pg. 28-2) and others,
does not completely describe the momentum of the field. See also

Therefore, the EM conservation laws are fundamentally flawed. You can
see the correct conservation laws in section 18, "The Energy-Momentum
tensor", Eq. (18.4) at

Dave Rutherford
"New Transformation Equations and the Electric Field Four-vector"