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Re: Photo Image out of focus

In my opinion the lost information can not be recovered
objectively but a sharp image can be created subjectively.

Consider two nearly identical photos of black squares on
a white wall. The photo edges are not sharp. In one case
this is due to wrong focusing in another it is due to real
lack of sharpness (in the object). I would say that there is
no way to say which of the two pictures is the photo of
a sharp square.

On the other hand, if I already know what should be in
the picture, for example, the face of my teacher, then
I can can recreate this face, perhaps using another photo.
A defocused photo can still be very useful, especially to
those who know what to expect, up to a limit.
Ludwik Kowalski

Jeff Weitz wrote:

A parent of one of my students sent me the following question:
At Lower School graduation, I took a great photo of a friend of
mine and his son. But it's somewhat out of focus. I want to
print it, but in focus. ....