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Re: e/m apparatus recommendations?

Another is the Uchida Yoko apparatus sold by Pasco. We are very happy with
it. $1300 ($675 for a replacement tube but we have never had to replace
one.) It is perhaps a little harder to use because it uses a mirror outside
the tube to eliminate parallax, claimed at +/- 1mm. It also requires
external power supplies and external meters.
Jim Peters
Hillsdale College

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From: Charles R. Crook [mailto:ccrook@PEN.K12.VA.US]
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001 10:51 AM
Subject: e/m apparatus recommendations?

The tube has gone bad in our ancient Sargent-Welch 623A specific charge
of the electron (e/m) apparatus, and replacements are apparently no
longer available. Being one of the few atomic & nuclear physics labs
that are practical in a small lab, I'd like to continue to do this lab,
but that means I'm in the market for a new apparatus.

. . .

Given that I'd have to coordinate schedules and borrow high voltage
power supplies from the electronics lab, I'm inclined to think that
either the Daedalon or Pacific units would be my best bets. Do any of
you have experience with either of these units? If so, any constructive
reviews and suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Charles Crook