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Re: Pre-med physics in practice

Oh my heavens! Wouldn't it be nice for pre-med people to pay attention in
their physics class! OTOH it would also be nice if physics instructors
taught physics in their physics class! Further, it would be nice if
physicians would retain a bit of humility through med-school. I met one
such once.

At 23:04 15 06 2001 , you wrote:
In Dr Peter Gott's (MD) sydicated column of 6/15/2001, a reader asked about
the proper vertical level of the (cuffed) arm during a blood pressure
measurement. His reply follows, and speaks for itself:

"It used to be said that the arm should be at heart-level during blood
pressure recording; in fact, the directions in most do-it-yourself BP kits
still suggest this position. In actual fact, however, the position of the
arm is probably inconsequential, providing that the patient is comfortable
and relaxed. Because the arterial circulation is basically a hydraulic
system, the pressure should be the same in arms and legs, regardless of

Bob Sciamanda (W3NLV)
Physics, Edinboro Univ of PA (em)

Jim Green