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Re: Fuel Cells and some bitter food for some (nearly) undisestible thought

What I meant to send was:

"CO burns well" as an answer to the following, but I lost track of who said

of course CO or CO2 is produced at the same time.

Regards / Tom

P.S. I gotta stop this involvement as my life has a clock ticking in it and
I have much left to do - even if I don't publish Spector and Wayburn, an
excellent way to learn jazz (bebop) drumming in the style of Kenny Clarke,
Philly Joe Jones, Max Roach, or Al Levitt - in no special order.

Also, I have in mind some poetry that explains how the War on Drugs killed
Art, Science, and Mathematics. Controversial, eh what? (Do you know what
caused "the troubles", as they were called in an old-time thread?)