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Re: Fuel Cells and "green" energy

Jim, check out
for some figures developed by my liberal arts energy class. While the
numbers are rough, they can give you a feel for magnitude of the problem.


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From: "Jim Green" <JMGreen@SISNA.COM>
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Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2001 9:15 PM
Subject: Re: Fuel Cells and "green" energy

Anyway, to get
large amounts of solar and wind into the system as 'energy on demand'
sources may require up to 4x the generators and solar collection areas as
would be needed if these were used directly. Such a system would then
require tens of thousands of square miles of photovoltaics and 10s of
millions of large (megawatt) wind generators.

We have not yet discussed the "amount of energy" (Ugh!) needed to
manufacture, repair, and replace the photovoltaics and wind generator
towers and turbines -- losses well beyond the thermal losses.

And would somebody be willing to venture a guess as to the number of
miles of turbines and photovoltaic fields which would be required to make
any sort of meaningful difference in the whole issue.

Jim Green