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Re: Denmark and wind generation

Just one more note on this to emphasize what I keep harping about--total
energy versus electrical energy. Looks like Denmark is a heavily electrical
country--about 23%, but that still means that at their current 13% use of
wind generation for electricity, wind only provides 3% of Denmark's total
energy needs. Even at the 50% goal, it will be less than 12% of the total.
By the way, does anyone know how their planned system accounts for a day
with little or no wind--or is that not a likelihood due to the locations of
the generators?


Rick, are you saying that electricity *consumption* is 23% of Denmark's
total energy consumption, or are you saying that the fuel used to
generate electricity is 23% of Denmark's energy consumption? I'd
appreciate it if you'd clarify this and then recalculate your percentages
using the same methods as EIA, in order to compare renewables more
fairly to thermal generation of electricity.