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How can an oxygen tank explode?

08-JUN-01 -- Blowin' Smoke

Today's story is short and sweet, just like 74-year-old Charles
Elliot's death. A resident of Springdale, Ohio, Charles was
parked in front of the Gentry Center Thursday while he waited
for his wife, who was inside shopping.

He decided that since she might be a while, he'd just have a
quick smoke. However, not only did his doctor advise against it,
so did the warning stamped on the oxygen tank he was toting in
the back seat -- the same tank he was using to help him breathe.

His final cigarette really blew him away when the tank exploded
in the car. He was rushed to the University Hospital, but
doctors were unable to save him.

- Staff


How can an oxygen tank explode?

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