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Re: knowledge +- $$$

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From: Ludwik Kowalski
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2001 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: knowledge +- $$$

I never worked in industry but would like to know who
makes decisions about how much different people are
worth to a large company. Do rewards fluctuate from
year to year, according to assignments? Is there a
tenure equivalence to protect narrowly specialized
experts (those whose expertise gained over many
years would have little value outside the company)?
Ludwik Kowalski

Your immediate supervisor makes the decision. Rewards (bonuses/raises) vary
depending on how much your past year's contribution was judged to be worth.
This is judged from both a relative scale (your contribution compared to
your co-workers) and an absolute scale (what did you actually contribute).
It is also subjective because it depends on the judgment of management.
There is no tenure in most companies. What matters is how valuable your
expertise is judged to be. If it has little or no value anymore, you better
start developing a new line of expertise in a hurry or find a new employer
who needs your expertise.
Larry Woolf
General Atomics