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advection (was Re Surviving College)

Kevin McKone used the phrase:

This has to due with the advection of students out of engineering
and into business.

"Advection" - haven't heard that word in so long I've forgotten it.
What is the difference between "advection" and "convection" in their
technical meanings? Even after consulting a dictionary I can't tell:
both seem to mean a change in the properties of a fluid due to
large-scale mixing. Even the Latin doesn't help me: "advection" means
"to carry to," while "convection" means "to carry together."

I know there are many grammarians on the list. Lesson please? Tx, Carl
Carl E. Mungan, Asst. Prof. of Physics 410-293-6680 (O) -3729 (F)
U.S. Naval Academy, Stop 9C, Annapolis, MD 21402-5026