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Re: climate control

My suggestion:
1. make a metal box
2. wrap the box with heater wire or tape
3. place Styrofoam around the box, keep it away from the heater tape/wire
with spacers so you don't melt it
4. buy a temperature controller and a thermocouple - such as Omega 6100
5. maintain the temperature above room temperature so that you only need to
heat it

or contact Omega
or Watlow
for assistance

or see if the commercial Coleman thermoelectric cooler will work for you

Dr. Lawrence D. Woolf; General Atomics; 3550 General Atomics Court, San
Diego, CA 92121; Phone:858-455-4475; FAX:858-455-4268

-----Original Message-----
From: Spagna Jr., George
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 11:49 AM
Subject: climate control

Can I tap the collective wisdom of the list?

We're building a radio telescope, and the front-end electronics at the dish
need to be in a stable environment. We're looking for a weather-tight box
about the size of a picnic cooler which has temperature controls (both
heating and cooling) to hold the electronics within a 10 degree range. Any
pointers? Our physical facilities folks have had no luck.
George Spagna
Department of Physics