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U-HS workshop at AAPT Summer Meeting, July 21

This is an invitation to attend our AAPT University - High School
Partnerships Workshop on Saturday, July 21 in Rochester. Financial support is
available for teams.

David Hestenes of Arizona State University developed Modeling Instruction
in High School Physics. Our program has been supported by the NSF for 10
years, and hundreds of teachers nationwide love teaching this way. Students
who've learned high school physics by this method enter college physics
much better prepared. They're a joy for college faculty to teach!

But Modeling Instruction has a problem. No matter how good our program is,
it's at risk of dying, just like PSSC and other physics reforms did.

Our conclusion after 10 years of holding Modeling Workshops is that
permanent infrastructure is needed to sustain the reform. Therefore our
efforts are now in that direction. Modeling Instruction is an exemplar of
the type of program that should be institutionalized so that reform will
endure. University - high school partnerships are units of structure that
are the right scale to give teachers the support that they need.

David Hestenes and I encourage you to register for our one-day workshop at
the July 2001 AAPT meeting in Rochester, New York. (Register on-line at Some financial support is available*, because the NSF
Physics Division funded us to promote, advise and assist the formation of
University - High School partnerships nationwide. To qualify for financial
assistance, a high school physics teacher and a faculty member at a nearby
university or college are asked to register as a team to explore the
possibilities for setting up a partnership.

Congressional funding in the new Elementary - Secondary Education Act
(ESEA) reauthorization is going to school - university partnerships. We can
show the way to their effective use.

Our workshop will be repeated only 1 more time: at the 2002 Summer Meeting
at Boise State University.

Jane Jackson

*Support is up to $400 for each team member and can include these: travel,
2 nights housing, 1 day meals, workshop fee, AAPT registration. To apply,
contact me <>.

Workshop W8:
(Supported by NSF grant PHY-9819461).
Saturday, July 21. 8:30am-4:30pm.

Abstract: To lead science education reform in the schools, high school
physics teachers must be integrated into the physics community and given
easy access to its resources. They must be empowered by programs for
sustained professional growth and support from peers and the physics
community. Learn how this can be achieved at the local level through
partnerships between university physics departments and local physics
alliances, and further enriched by graduate programs tailored for