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High School Phyiscs Job opening

There is an opening at my school for a physics teacher. We are looking to
cover two sections of "Quantitative Phyiscs." (Read: physics with trig
for mostly juniors. V. capable and motivated students -- frequently
several kids who express interest take the B-level AP, though the course
is not aimed at it).

As far as I know there are only two sections open so it looks like only a
part-time job, though if you can teach another subject there may be a way
to figure something out. It would be perfect for a parent or grad student
working on a thesis.

[DISCLAIMER: this is not an official announcement, just a note from a
phyiscs teacher unsure of who will be working across the hall from him
next year! What follows is also purely personal opinion:

Noble and Greenough school is a co-ed independent school in Dedham,
Massachusetts (suburb of Boston) Small classes, excellent facilities;
really nice teaching environment, good colleagues, sharp kids, pay is
pretty good for private school but proabably a little lower than many
public schools. ]

Feel free to contact me directly for informal inquiries - (but I don't do
the hiring)
Formal inquiries, resumes &c should go to either or both of the following:

Debbie Harrison
Science Department Chair


Ben Snyder
Assistant Head for Program

Either of the above can be reached at:
10 Campus Drive, Dedham, MA, 02026


David Strasburger
Physics Teacher
Science Department Technology Coordinator
Noble & Greenough School