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Re: Middle School Physical Science Texts

At 14:30 2/27/01 -0800, Bill wrote:

Amazon Review:
If Larry Gonick had written the ancient history books, chances are we
would all be staying awake during world history class.///
If this book doesn't
get you excited about ancient history, then my friend give up hope,
because if this doesn't nothing will. Gonick takes us from the beginning
of time to Alexander the great...

William J. Beaty

Which reminds me: Though Shannon and Bradman have passed, there
is a new birth in Egypt. The Ptolemy Philadelphus cultivated
a great library in Alexander's city and mausoleum. A great
astronomer later worked there, or very near by, for whom the
Arabs coined the epithet 'The Greatest', Al Megiste.
That was Claudius Ptolemy's text, "The Mathematical Composition"
or as we would call it, the Almagest.
A new library is nearing completion, intended to serve as a
token of the one that was greater than any other.
Perhaps an Almagest would be a suitable gift.
Or Gonick's World History?

If someone would select a book to donate to the Alexandrian
Library, I would be glad to contribute. I expect others on this
list might feel the same. The symbolism is appealing.

brian whatcott <> Altus OK