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Re: Middle School Physical Science Texts: dishonesty

This problem is not unique to science. I have been told by a history
teacher that the history books are filled with errors. In addition I
noticed an English vocabulary book that used incorrect science to illustrate
the usage of some vocabulary terms.

John M. Clement

Someone on the list has already mentioned James Loewen's "Lies My Teacher
Told Me." It can be found in paperback in the history section of almost
any large book store. If you have not read it, you should. It is a
fascinating read, thoroughly referenced, if you want to track things down.
He has some chapters on why textbooks are the way they are. It is very
clear that textbook selection and adoption is very importantly a political
issue in any subject taught in the schools. Whoever controls education
controls society.


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"As a result of modern research in physics, the ambition and hope,
still cherished by most authorities of the last century, that physical
science could offer a photographic picture and true image of reality
had to be abandoned." --M. Jammer in Concepts of Force, 1957.

"If what we regard as real depends on our theory, how can we make
reality the basis of our philosophy? ...But we cannot distinguish
what is real about the universe without a makes no sense
to ask if it corresponds to reality, because we do not know what
reality is independent of a theory."--S. Hawking in Black Holes
and Baby Universes, 1993.