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Re: Middle School Physical Science Texts: dishonesty

In my admittedly limited experience, it seems many teachers avoid the
textbook altogether in favor of many of the things you write of, much of
which are teacher-generated. Those that do use the textbook pick and
choose reading assignments rather than go through the entire textbook page
by page.

I am not arguing that my perception accurately reflects what most teachers
do. I am just wondering if anyone knows if a significant percentage of
teachers are indeed unaware of the errors.

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On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Herbert H Gottlieb wrote:

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001 15:58:23 -0500 Robert A Cohen <bbq@ESU.EDU> writes:
One thing that seems to have been implied by recent posts is that
teachers are unaware of the errors. It seems to me that many of the
I speak with are, indeed, aware of the errors and, as a result, hardly
use the textbooks. Is that an accurate reflection of the state of

Do you mean that the middle school students in your area of
Pennsylvania do not read the science textbooks that they
are given? Or does it mean that middle school science
classes are taught without any textbooks?

If the latter is true what kind of reading materials and exercises
are used by the teachers that you speak with? Teacher handouts?
Library assignments? Audio visual materials? Student labs
with or without lab manuals for guidance? Other???