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Re: Review of Middle School Physical Science Texts (part 3)

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001 09:06:29 -0600 Jack Uretsky <jlu@HEP.ANL.GOV> writes:
The report does not seem to cite, for the most part, any of
the so-called errors.

Not too far before the end of Jane's reproduction of part 3 of the
Packard report,
she has, in parentheses, a statement that six pages of errors listed in
the report
have not been reproduced in her e-mail to us. Also, John Hubisz did not
include all the
errors that were found in the middle school science textbooks because the
report was
getting to be much too long. If you have a SPECIAL REASON see ALL of the
that the review committee found, perhaps John Hubisz might be persuaded
to compile them and send you copies.

For the entire 100 page Packard report, together with specific citations
of selected
that were found, I suggest that you download the entire report.
It located at the web address, , Hubisz report